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How are we doing? Go ahead and tell us. Also let us know more about you so we can serve you better.
Please take a few short minutes to fill out the form below to be eligible to win some fun prizes! You don’t need to fill out all the questions to receive a prize, especially any that you don’t feel comfortable in answering. But the more you fill out, the better your odds of being selected.

Information is for internal use only and will not be shared or given out to third parties. Entries must be received by Feb 10 to be eligible to win prizes. Winners will be notified via email.

Thank you for helping us make INsite better!

The Questions

1. How Old Are You
2. Gender:
3. Are You A Student?
4a. Are You Currently Employed
4b. If Employed, What Do You Do?
4c. What is the extent of your higher education?
4d. What Was Your Income Last Year?
5. How Much Disposable Income Do You Spend Each Week?
6. How many people Living With You?
7. Type of Residence:
8a. What Section of Town Do You Live?
8b. What Section of Town Do You Work?
9. How Often Do You....  
a. Go out to eat or get take-out?
b. Go out to bars or clubs?
c. Buy beer and/or liquor?
d. Buy clothes?
E. Go To See Live Music?
F. Go To The Movies?
G. Play Video Games?
H. Attend Sporting Events?
10. How Often Have You Traveled Away From Home In The Past Year?
11a. Do you follow Facebook?
11b. Are you an INsite Facebook fan?
11c. Reason for becoming a fan?
12a. Have You Checked Out INsite’s Web Site?
12d. What was your impression of it?
12e. How can we improve it?
13a. Are you signed up to receive INsite's weekly e-mail newsletter?
13b. What made you decide to sign up?
13c. Do you find it informative?
14a. Do you follow Twitter?
14b. Would you like to receive Tweets from INsite notifying you of events?
15. How are you most often online? (Through laptop, cellphone, personal computer, or work computer)
16. Do you use 900 numbers or personal chat lines?
17. Have you ever participated in a medical research study or market research group?
About The Paper  
1.Where did you get this paper?
2.Where could we put INsite to make it easier for you to find?
3. Do you read INsite every month?
4. Do you read the paper cover to cover?
5. What do you always read in INsite?
6.What do you sometimes read?
7.What do you never read?
8. What other local papers do you read?
9. What would you like to see INsite add?
10. How long do you keep your copy of INsite?
11. How many other people look at your copy of INsite?
12. Do you buy from or frequent INsite advertisers?
13. Do you tear out coupons?
14. Do you like our covers?
15. Do you like our layout?

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