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By John Moore

The Cure 40 Live - Cureation-25 + Anniversary
(Eagle Vision)

Last year, The Cure performed and filmed two wildly hyped shows to commemorate their four decades as a band and as this DVD set proves, the hype was well deserved. This set includes two separate shows, the first recorded on the final night of the Meltdown Festival at London's Royal Festival Hall, where the band played a song from each of their 13 studio albums, while teasing several unreleased songs mid-show. The second show finds the band playing a 29-song set in London's famed Hyde Park, equally impressive. Both shows, each with a slightly different feel, offered something for the casual fans to the diehard Cure acolytes. The Cure, still led by Robert Smith, may have visibly aged but his voice still sounds remarkably impressive. These two shows are the only answer you need as to why the band still remain relevant four decades into it.

(20th Century Fox)

The mismatched buddy action comedy genre has a long and uneven history. For every inspired classic like 48 Hours, there's a Stuber to remind you just had bland this genre can get. Stuber in a modern take on the genre pairs Dave Bautista as the hulking, gruff cop recovering from eye surgery who gets an Uber driver, played by Kumail Nanjiani, to lead him across LA chasing a murderous drug lord. The wildly implausible plot is matched only by the predictability of the movie. Nanjiani is charmingly inept, but that is the only bright spot to this otherwise mediocre action comedy.

Nekromantix - 3 Decades of Darkle
(Cleopatra Entertainment)

The Danish psychobilly trio Nekromantix may not be well known beyond the punk scene, but man are they loved by those who know them. This 19-song set recorded and released in Santa Ana, CA to celebrate their three decades as a band, goes to show exactly who those fans are so loyal. Pulling songs from throughout their deep cannon, the group plays an inspired set thanks, in part to founder/stand up bassist/singer Kim Nekroman's commanding stage presence. This powerful set comes with a DVD, Blu-Ray and thankfully, a CD of the show, as well.



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