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By John Moore

Clarence Clemons – Who Do I Think I Am

The dearly missed Clarence Clemons, know best as the towering sax player and staple of Springsteen's E Street Band, turned in a fantastic memoir 10 years ago, so you might expect this doc to be just as entertaining. Sadly, it misses the mark for just about everyone but diehard Boss fanatics. The film focuses on a global path to self-discovery Clemens took shortly after the band finished a tour in 2003, leading him to China. Among the interviews included here are takes from longtime fan Bill Clinton, his nephew and eventual replacement, Jake Clemens, and his longtime bandmate Nils Lofgren. Oddly, there is no interview with Springsteen.

The Hustle

Remakes are always a tough sell, but a remake of a remake is usually, rightfully, bad from the start. The Hustle is a big exception. With a smart gender switch, adding in Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson to the lead rolls, they manage to brilliantly sidestep comparisons to 1988's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (a remake of a 1964's Bedtime Story). The two cons team up to swindle an awkward tech billionaire. The updates made to the movie aren't nearly as forced as one might expect but help carry on this hilarious premise to an entirely new generation.

The Harder They Come [Collector's Edition]
(Shout! Factory)

This 1972 Jamaican crime thriller starring Jimmy Cliff may have been eclipsed by the phenomenal soundtrack, a reggae classic, but this re-release is reason enough to give the movie another shot. This 3-disc collector's set includes an amazing 6-hours of bonus material. Along with interviews collected in Jamaica last year, this set also includes director Perry Henzell's long-lost second movie No Place Like Home (to the surprise of no one, that movie also comes with a stellar soundtrack featuring everyone from Bob Marley to Carly Simon and Etta James). Shout! Factory has really upped the game for re-releases with this impressive set.



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