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By John Moore

Killing For Love (IFC Films)
If the March 1985 murder of Derek and Nancy Hanson in their Lynchburg, VA home had happened in the Internet era it would have been major news for months on end. The suspects were their daughter and her German, college boyfriend (a diplomat's son, no less). Add to that rumors of sexual abuse from Nancy; the young couple fleeing to Europe after the crime and it would be our next murder mystery obsession. Killing For Love takes a sober eye look at the case, 30 years later, and brings up the likelihood that the boyfriend, Jens Soering, was likely set up by his girlfriend to take the blame for a murder she set up and possibly committed with someone else. This compelling doc switches between decades old videotaped courtroom testimony and current interviews with Soering, his attorneys, investigators and the team that prosecuted him.

Heartworn Highways Revisited (MVD Visual)
Just a couple years past the 40th anniversary of the iconic documentary, Heartworn Highways, filmmaker Wayne Price sets out to recreate, at least in spirit, one of the best documents out there on the Outlaw Country music movement. Heartworn Highways Revisited, much like its predecessor, focuses on a handful of country (or at least country-ish) musicians creating their own path, outside of the mainstream. There are fantastic interviews with folks like Robert Ellis, John McCauley, Shovels & Rope, Shelly Colvin and others. He also brings back Guy Clark, Steve Young and David Allan Coe, all subjects of the first documentary, to check in. One of the best music docs to come out in years.

My Friend Dahmer (Filmrise)
My Friend Dahmer, based on the autobiographical graphic novel by cartoonist John Backderf, is an unnerving look at the making of a serial killer. The movie zeros in on the senior year of high school of the odd and increasingly morbid Jeffrey Dahmer in his Ohio town in the late '70s. He is befriended by a few boys in the school, including Backderf, thanks to his habit of acting out in class. Dahmer is played impressively by former Disney actor Ross Lynch, in the time-honored tradition of actors rebelling against their Disney roots, but the best acting comes from Anne Heche, playing his mentally unstable mother. Creepy, unsettling, but strongly compelling, My Friend Dahmer does a solid job of depicting a burgeoning psychopath.



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