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By John Moore

Alice Cooper – Welcome to My Nightmare Special Edition
(Eagle Vision/Alive)
This Alice Cooper DVD set - including the 1976 "Welcome To My Nightmare" concert film as well as a TV special ("Alice Cooper: The Nightmare") from the year before - manages to do the seemingly impossible, being both nostalgically dated and simultaneously timeless. The onstage effects, the costumes, the use of freakishly large puppets in both Alice Cooper's live show and the ABC TV special reek of the 1970s, but the music, even four decades later, is still as emotionally and impactfully relevant. Even if you're not a longtime Alice Cooper fan, the sheer fascination of this live set and the TV special should be enough to pull anyone in.

Jane's Addiction – Alive at Twenty-Five
(Cleopatra/MVD Visual)
A lot has happened in the 25 years since Jane's Addiction last released their fantastic, one-time swan song Ritual De Lo Habitual: The band split up and got back together several times; Front man Perry Farrell invented the modern-day touring rock festival with and guitarist Dave Navarro managed to join and quit a slew of different bands. To celebrate the album's silver anniversary, the group toured the globe in 2015 and 2016 to play the album in its entirety. Their show at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in Irvine, CA is captured brilliantly here in the concert film (on Blu Ray, DVD and CD). The set features all the groundbreaking album tracks in their original order, plus a handful of other fan favorites. Twenty-five years later, Jane's Addiction shows they are still relevant.

Hype! [Collector's Edition]
(Shout! Factory)
In 1996, as grunge was finally starting to fade from popular culture, filmmaker Doug Pray put out the seminal documentary about the genre and the Seattle music scene that created it. In the two decades that have passed since its initial release, Hype!, has gone on to become the chief reference point for just about any book or article about the scene. Shout! Factory is finally giving the documentary its first ever Blu-Ray release with this collector's edition that includes all new commentary from the director, several interviews and performances that never made the original. It also includes the Peter Bagge animated short "Hate." Fly the flannel and lace up the docs for another viewing.



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