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The Latest DVD, Blu Ray & VOD Releases

By John Moore

The Latest DVD, Blu Ray & VOD Releases

Bad Reputation (Magnolia)
It's a pretty big task to synthesize Joan Jett's 40-plus year career into an hour-and-a-half documentary, but director Kevin Kerslake does a commendable job here. Starting with her mid-to-late'70s stint as co-founder, guitarist and eventual singer of the ground breaking all-female group The Runaways, up to her current role as a solo artist, Bad Reputation covers a lot of ground. Alongside interviews with Jett and her longtime producer/collaborator Kenny Laguna, a slew of musicians from Pete Townsend and Iggy Pop to Billie Joe Armstrong and Debbie Harry are featured singing the praises and influences of this remarkable artist.

Halloween (Universal)
Despite being the umpteenth remake of this classic slasher film, the latest version of the Halloween franchise – a direct sequel to the 1978 original – is surprisingly great. Written by a trio, that includes Danny McBride (yup, that Danny McBride), the movie brings back one-time babysitter Jamie Lee Curtis as a paranoid adult waiting for the return of Michael Myers. He escapes from the institution he has been locked away in and the inevitable confrontation happens. A perfect blend of suspense and dark humor, this latest version of Halloween almost makes up for the innumerable weak sequels and reboots that have take place over the past several decades.

Bright Lights, Big City (MVD)
Thanks to the MVD Rewind Collection, a whole new generation is finally treated to Michael J. Fox as a coke addicted all night partier/magazine fact checker. The film. based on a Jay McInerney novel, is 1980s in all it's neon-lighted, shiny suited glory. The cautionary tale follows Fox's Jamie Conway, dealing with the death of his mother, his impending divorce and a quickly failing career. The cast if filled out with Kiefer Sutherland, Phoebe Kates, Diane Wiest and Swoosie Kurtz. Though it's definitely a time capsule of style and attitude, the movie is still just as compelling from start to finish as it was on its initial release 30 years ago.



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