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By John Moore

The Latest DVD, Blu Ray & VOD Releases

Red Sparrow
(Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment)
On the surface, it would seem that Red Sparrow has all of the elements for a great movie. Jennifer Lawrence does a solid job with a Russian accent that's impressive enough; it's build around a popular spy novel, but in the end, the result is a pretty uneventful thriller. Lawrence plays a ballerina who is left without an income after an injury. She's lured by her uncle into a brutal spy training regimen and is tasked with getting close to the CIA to discover a mole. The ending has a satisfying conclusion, but the movie drags on for most of its two-plus hours. I'd hazard a guess that many viewers never make it to the end.

Jericho: The Complete Series (Paramount)
It's been a decade since this short-lived CBS series went off the air, but it's earned an impressive cult status in the years since. Skeet Ulrich and Esai Morales star in this sci-fi drama about residents in a post-apocalyptic Kansas town dealing with the aftermath of nuclear attacks. The writing was top-notch with paranoia and the unknown taking over every character. But, somehow the show was cancelled after two seasons, despite heavy lobbying from the diehard fans (likely to make room for another CSI spin off). Paramount has pulled together all 30 episodes and spread them across eight DVDs, including a bonus disc crammed with a slew of extras in this solid offering.

Went To Coney Island On A Mission From God...Be Back By Five
[Special Edition] (MVD Rewind)
This 1998 indie feature co-written by Jon Cryer has received mixed reviews, but that hasn't stopped a core group of fans for lobbying for more attention to the film. The movie focuses on two New York friends setting out to find a long out-of-touch high school buddy who was spotted living on the street in Coney Island. The movie is not awful, but it's also not great. Cryer, however, does a commendable job with his role. MVD Rewind's Blu-Ray release comes with plenty of extras including a short comedy, behind the scenes featurettes, commentary and a collectable poster.



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