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By John Moore

The Rolling Stones – From The Vault: Sticky Fingers Live At The Fonda Theatre 2015
(Eagle Rock Entertainment)
Eagle Rock and The Rolling Stones continue their incredible From The Vault series with this 2015 Hollywood, CA set devoted almost exclusively to the Sticky Fingers record. Kicking into "Start Me Up," one of the few songs here not from the album, the band proceeds to play every song off of that classic record, though not in album order. The band, on the first show of their 2015 tour, holds nothing back, playing as sharp and tight (if not tighter) than when the record first came out in 1971. The DVD intersperses the live show with interviews of all band members discussing the recording of the record.

(Shout! Factory)
The first, and likely only, Punk Rock Western, Dudes is very much a 1980s movie. From the lead, Jon Cryer (just a year removed from his Pretty In Pink role) to the unfathomable story (three NY punks get into a desert shootout with crazy locals in the middle of nowhere), it's hard to imagine this type of movie getting the greenlight today. But, thank god it did in the '80s, because this a cult film that lives up to the hype. Directed by the patron saint of punk rock, Penelope Spheeris (Decline of Western Civilization), she adds to the authenticity by casting real musicians (Flea as one of the trio and Fear frontman Lee Ving as the perfect psycho gang leader). Released on Blu-Ray for the first time, the movie boasts an amazing soundtrack with bands like The Vandals, Keel and Jane's Addiction offering songs.

Vikings Season 4, part 2
(20th Century Fox)
Rarely do folks associate the History Channel with Must See TV, but the historical drama Vikings has changed all that. Over four seasons, the show has done for Norse warriors what Game of Thrones has done for… well, mythical British-ish monarchs. The 10 episodes that make up part two of the fourth season is simply more of the same: Scandinavian fighters, led by Radnor Lothrock (played masterfully by Travis Fimmel), leading raids into France and England. In this case, with a binge-worthy show like Vikings, more of the same is a wonderful thing.



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