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By John Moore

The Latest DVD, Blu Ray & VOD Releases

Swingtown: The First Season
(CBS DVD/Paramount)
If this 1970s set drama had been made by HBO or Showtime rather than a network station, it could have been great show. Sadly, saddled by the restraints of the more family-friendly channel, this series about a neighborhood of hard partiers and swingers comes of, well, a bit flaccid. Originally airing on CBS in the summer of 2008, the show revolves around a pilot and his wife living in Suburban Chicago slowly trying to incorporate their new neighbors into their lifestyle. The show is perfectly cast, and the premise is interesting, but given the constraints it faced, Swingtown could have had a better shot on a cable channel.

The Brink
It should hardly come as a revelation to anyone in 2019 that Steve Bannon is an ideological nutjob, but that doesn't make The Brink any less compelling. The doc follows around Bannon for a year, leading up to the 2018 midterm elections. The filmmakers trail him across the globe as he tries to do for European Xenophobic leaders what he managed to do for Donald Trump here in the U.S. Hardly anything revealed in The Brink comes as a real surprise given Bannon's reputation, but the movie is still a riveting look at how the sausage is made.

Room 37: the Mysterious Death of Johnny Thunders
(Cleopatra Entertainment)
Despite the booming popularity in rock star bio pics, this dramatization of punk rock great Johnny Thunders is a not nearly as compelling as you'd think it would be. Based on the mysterious 1991 death of the former New York Dolls guitarist in a New Orleans hotel room, directors Vicente and Fernando Cordero try and recreate what might have happened. Despite a decent turn by Leo Ramsey as Thunders, the film's bizarre drug sequences and plotting nature ultimately drag down the movie.



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