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By John Moore

Wakefield (Shout! Factory)
Based on an E.L. Doctorow short story, Wakefield is based on a lawyer stuck in a rut, married with two daughters, his life is a grind, working long hours and commuting daily from the suburbs into the city. One day he decides to simply not come home hiding out in the attic to spy on the reaction of his family, friends and neighbors. Days turn into months as he leaves at night to search through neighborhood trash cans for his essentials. The movie succeeds almost entirely on the merits of Bryan Cranston who does a brilliant job inhabiting the character. Much like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, he is the only character on the screen for most of the movie. A fascinating film that simply wouldn't have worked with a lesser talent.

Behind The Mask – The Batman: Dead End Story (Candy Factory Films)
Long before Ben Affleck put on the batman suit, design artist and Batman acolyte Sandy Collora gathered some friends and no-name actors to film a low-budget short film for his demo reel. The result, The Batman: Dead End Story became a cult favorite thanks to a slew of packed screenings at Comic Con 2003. The reaction from fans and fellow directors hinted at a massively successful career that never panned out. In this compelling doc, director Eric Dow gives an exhaustive look into Collora's career, how he pulled together this cult short and what went wrong in the years after.

Simple Minds – Acoustic In Concert (Eagle Vision)
Simple Minds may best be remembered in this country for their song that played out across the screen during the final shot of The Breakfast Club, but the band has an exhaustively large cannon of music that pre-and post-dates that mid '80s gem. The proof can be found throughout this impressive live show (captured on DVD and CD), recorded in London in 2016 for BBC Radio 2's In Concert Series. Simple Mind's are in prime form, arguably sounding better than they did in the 1980s. Songs like "Alive and Kicking," a show high point, as well as "Stand By Love" and, yes, "Don't You (Forget About Me)" capture a band that has a long way to go before simply turning into just another jukebox nostalgia group. And they are playing to a crowd that is clearly as elated as the band members.


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